Så heter den nya Bond filmen "Quantum Of Solace"

24 Jan

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that internet domain names for ”Quantum Of Solace” have been recently registered by Sony Pictures.

It could be a sign that the title of the 22nd James Bond film has been chosen. The title comes from a Ian Fleming short-story published in the collection ”For Your Eyes Only” first released in 1960.

The title has often been cited in Bond 22 rumours, and films beforehand, along with other as-yet unused Fleming titles such as ”The Property Of A Lady”.

According to records, Sony Pictures registered quantumofsolace.com on January 22nd 2008 – just a day before today’s press conference was announced. It may all be a jape to throw fans off the scent though, as Sony also registered quantumofsolacemovie.com back in September last year.



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