Bond 23, Dame Judi Dench recently confirmed her involvement with the next Bond film.

16 Dec

Following Daniel Craig’s recent comments that Bond 23 is planned to start shooting towards the end of 2010 for a 2011 release, Dame Judi Dench recently confirmed her involvement with the next Bond film. She said: ‘I think I’m going to be needed in the Spring of 2011.
That’s a message I got’.
Meanwhile, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, responding to recent light-hearted hints from Dame Judi that she might quit the role of ‘M’ at some point in the near future, told the website that Dench ‘is our anchor. She is the anchor of the film in terms of the character. She is the only authoritative figure in Bond’s life’. The EON producer added: ‘She had such a great relationship with Pierce on the screen and she has such a great relationship with Daniel. She is our anchor. She is the real Bond girl – the one that keeps it all going, and I don’t want her to leave. She keeps threatening to leave but I will not let her!’

Reflections On ‘M’ From ‘M’

In a detailed profile and interview with Dench in the UK’s newspaper ‘The Times’ on 11th December, written by Tim Teeman, Dame Judi gave some further views on her general film and theatre career, and said she was looking forward to making the next Bond movie the year after next. Dench commented on the 007 films and her role: ‘They’re exciting. They give you street cred. Everything is so beautifully made. I get to say frightfully cool things and behave in an autocratic way and give Bond a hard time. What could be better?’


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