53-year-old Swede Gunnar Schäfer change name to "James" and "Bond"

24 Apr


Bond James Bond
A few years ago completed the 53-year-old Gunnar Schäfer its previous name of ”James” and ”Bond”.
– Many believe that it is just for fun, but for me it’s name add-on to feel close to my father who disappeared when I was two years, ”he says.

CHANGE OF NAME In Gunnar Schäfer was two years his father disappeared.
The many questions raised by the event has received no response and the deep sense of loss is still there. But one that in many ways come to fill the void is – James Bond. Gunnar has even added action-hero’s name to his own. In this way he thought he could be closer to his dad.

”My name is Bond … James Bond. ”Yes, indeed. In Kalmar living 53-year-old Gunnar Schäfer has since childhood been a great admirer of the British agent 007th The age of eight he go with his big brother to the theater and see his first Bond film – Goldfinger.

Bigeye he was sucked into a world full of agents, ingenious villains and cool cars with features such as ejection seats and reversible plates. There in biomörkret awakened a lifelong fascination with James Bond.

Since then, Gunnar seen all Bond films – countless times. But just to follow the secret agent from the big screen was not enough. Gunnar wanted to be James Bond. Or at least feel like him.

In his home town of Kalmar, he is now a bit of a local celebrity. It is painted red in 1800-century house where he lives, he has named after the Golden-eye movie of the same title. He is often seen around town wearing a black tuxedo and bow tie, körandes their red BMW with registration number ”007 JB” or enjoy a vodka martini – shaken, not stirred ”.

To be even more like the Bond character, Gunnar Schäfer applied three years ago to take supplement its previous name of ”James” and ”Bond”. To her own surprise, he was yes.

– I thought it would be copyrighted, but they soon called a woman from the tax office and told that they accepted my application. I was both surprised and very happy. Once the new license arrived, I felt a great warmth

inboard. This means a lot to me, ”says the man who now has five names of the license: Nils Gunnar Bond James Schäfer.

It is easy to first think Gunnar Schäfer supplemented by the names James and Bond is mostly for fun. Perhaps a test to see how far it can stretch the Swedish name law. Or a smart marketing move. A few years ago, Gunnar about half its bildelsfirma Bond to a museum and director of such a course, you get extra attention if they can present themselves with the classic reply: ”My name is Bond. James Bond. ”

But the history behind Gunnar Schäfer name extensions are also deeper and more complex than that. Through their mobile phones – with the final number is 007 – Gunnar finds that he ”did not grow up on bright side of life”.

Two events in childhood have been differently affected him much. The first occurred when Gunnar was only two years. His father was German and fought for his country during World War II. After the war he came to Sweden and met Gunnar’s mom. They married and had four children.

One day the father said that he would go on vacation to Germany to try to locate his parents, who he lost contact with during the war. After a week it tumbled down a card that her father sent from Denmark, but after the family never heard of him. He had vanished without trace.

– Although I do not remember so much of the event itself, it was obviously a big disaster for my entire family. Mom could not take care of us children while alone account for supplies, so we had to go to the welfare office for help.

– Psychological dad also left a great vacuum with a lot of unanswered questions behind him: Did he have another family left in Germany? Was he unhappy and damaged by their war experiences? Did he not like me and my siblings enough? These issues I have lived with throughout my life, ”says Gunnar Schäfer.

The second incident was of a different nature, but Gunnar also describes it as vital. It was that time when the age of eight he saw his first

James Bond film. The film was rated R, but the big brother’s company was released, he still submitted.

– The movie had an incredible attraction for me. Only after the event, I understand why: the age of eight, I could fantasize about my dad – just like Bond – was the secret mission and that was why he had left us. I wanted so badly to believe that the dad did something good, something exciting … something that I could be proud of.

Fascination with the elegant and skillful agent on the screen eventually led on to the James Bond creator – Ian Fleming. He has written books on the basis of the Bond films, and when Gunnar began reading biographies of his life, he felt that there were clear parallels between the author and his own father. They were, for example, were born around the same time and both had fought in World War II – albeit on different sides.

– The Ian Fleming experienced, can my father have been through. Anyway, I have tried to approach my father by reading everything I’ve come across on Ian Fleming. One can almost say that Ian Fleming has been a bit of a ”plastic Dad” for me.

Over the years, Gunnar also made several attempts to find her real father. He has been in contact with the German consulate and the Red Cross. But the search has not yielded any result.

Instead, Gunnar tried to fill the vacuum left by the father of James Bond and Ian Fleming. As part of this, he has devoted great energy and effort to collect on the various Bond stuff. The collection includes everything from an agent bag with toy gun, which he got for Christmas as nine years old, a motorcycle from Tomorrow Never Dies and 300 movie posters in the original. He is most proud of having been handed the BMW Z3 that was used in the movie Golden Eye.

– It might seem a little ridic
ulous, but I am really happy and feel warm inside of the small everyday things that remind me of James Bond.
It can be about I open the fridge and see it says ”007” on the thermometer – or shows that I presented my ID that says ”James Bond”. For a while I feel the father’s presence and lives up a bit.

Most responses have actually been surprisingly positive. James Bond Gunnar Schäfer stand with all their names in the telephone directory and it happens all the time that unknown people giggling and calling asking about ”James Bond is home?”.

It’s usually children or drunk people who call. Many wonder if I really called

James Bond and why. After that I have come to my story, they understand that it is not just a fun thing without the name actually means a lot to me. The talks will be another opportunity for me to talk about my dad. And who knows, one day I might make contact with someone who knows what really happened when he disappeared from us.




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