JAMES BOND " a father figure " By: James Bond Gunnar Schäfer

19 Aug

Chapter 1 Introduction

It is an ordinary weekday morning in August . From Kalmar prefer a
light morning breeze over the central Kalmar . The stream of cars , which at the
major routes crossing the Esplanade and the Northern route for people to
their jobs Kvarnholmen , thickens . In the southwestern corner of the block
traffic intersection at Nails Street . There are a number of well-preserved houses
from the past in the narrow street Nails . One of the houses is a red wooden house built
in 1800 on three floors . pikgatan S 10 represents the numbers on the plate . But the
wall is also another sign . It says something unexpected name
” GOLDENE YE ” , written in gold .
Out of the Red House is a man . He is the 50 – year-old and
some of medium height . He is slender , moving quickly and smoothly as only
a fit 50 -year-old does. Squeezed into a corner on the narrow courtyard
is a garage . The man walks up to the garage , opens up and enters .
Inside a glimpse of a sports car in orange metallic table . When the car comes out
from underground obscurity we see that it is the BMW Z3 .
But color is not the first thing you think of . It is instead
number plate . On it are not the usual combination , three
letters plus three digits . There is also word instead of ” Goldeneye ” .
Both the house and garage is also a sign that read ” 007 ” . It brings no attention in the nearby houses where the man
takes off with his classy sports car . His neighbors know him long , and they just say that now go ” James Bond ” to their combined
bildelsaffär and James Bond Museum in Nybro . Yes , and they also know that he
real name is Gunnar Schäfer . Well , anyway . Now his name is given on Bond
true , too. On the license and other identification documents , it is now
Nils Gunnar Bond James Schäfer .
Who is he , he , Gunnar ? Why has everything in his life , from party to
everyday life , marked by interest in the Bond figure, an interest which almost
the nature of obsession ? It is to uncover the secret of Gunnar ,
his background , what drives him and what he was getting , which he
has written this book about himself .
Paper on ” The man who became James Bond . ”

An autobiographical tale of James Bond Gunnar Schäfer .

JAMES BOND ” A FADE RSGES HOUSE ‘ 1959 disappearance of my father when I was only two årgammal . I have often wondered how this has affected me as a young boy during my childhood . One of the major issues have been why he went away so suddenly ? Was he called the ” no ” ? Was he perhaps even murdered during the Cold War ? Was he even a secret agent ? Many questions but no answers yet . Is there any chance to find him today ? Who should I contact ? Where can it be information ?

ISBN 978-91-633-3328-6



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