Dr. No to Quantum Of Solace, Swatch 007 Villain.

9 Jan

Swatch Turns to the Dark Side with Villains Bond Fans Love to Hate.
Swatch 007 Villain Collection: special packaging with the complete collection (limited edition, 222 pieces)

In a series of heroic adventures from Dr. No to Quantum Of Solace, James Bond outfoxes and destroys a nefarious bunch of evildoers bent on conquering the world. Destroys? Well, not quite. Like Bond himself, true villains live on forever, remembered fondly by their fans – and now by Swatch. Celebrating the legendary British secret agent’s most memorable adversaries, the Swatch 007 Villain Collection presents twenty-two Swatch watches inspired by the best of the worst: the bad guys Bond fans love to hate.




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