Bond’s Ericsson-controlled BMW 750i TND comes to life – with Nokia C7

27 Jan

 Remember watching James Bond control a BMW 750 i from Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 using his Ericsson mobile phone? Anyone who has ever played with a remote-control car might have dreamt of this moment – driving a real BMW down the road using his or her smartphone.

Now, two Chinese coders have achieved what James Bond fans could only dream of 13 years ago.

An Jiaxuan and his friend have developed an application that allows users to drive a BMW with a Nokia C7, reports

What is crazy is that they achieved this feat in just 20 days of programming and testing.

They tested the programme on several smaller projects like a toy, an air conditioner and a camera before attempting it on a BMW.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Nokia in Australia has confirmed that the pair worked on the project with the help of the Nokia China Activation team at the end of last year.

What the Chinese dudes have achieved is much closer to the James Bond reality – a system that’s integrated the remote control mechanism into the car itself. (ANI)

James Bond remote-control a BMW with his phone in Tomorrow Never Dies. Pure fantasy, right? Except, two guys did pretty much the same using a Nokia C7…



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