Kings Of Leon asked to do Bond 23 theme

23 Jun

Craigs order: Kings of Leon

DANIEL CRAIG‘s powers of persuasion are not nearly on a par with his character James Bond.

The actor has asked KINGS OF LEON to write a 007 theme on three separate occasions but each time the band knocked him back.

But frontman CALEB FOLLOWILL has confirmed that if Daniel were to have a go again, it could be fourth time lucky.

Caleb said: ”I’ve always wanted to work with strings so that would be a good excuse to do it.”

The rockers, who performed at London’s Hyde Park last night, have played themselves in a film documentary about the band called Talihina Sky.

It will be released on June 25. If they ever need actors to play themselves in a future movie, Caleb and his bandmate and brother NATHAN have ideas for who they would like.

Caleb told Vue Cinema Twitter followers he would want to be played by BRAD PITT while Nathan went for Ghostbusters and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids geek RICK MORANIS.
Licence to Kings … to make 007 tune


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