John Barry Memorial Concert – Complete Radio Broadcast

26 Jul

The John Barry Memorial Concert took place on 20th June 2011 at The Royal Albert Hall, London. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Dodd perform many of John Barry’s best known film themes with guest artists Dame Shirley Bassey, David Arnold, Rumer, Derek Watkins, Julian Jackson and Nigel Hitchcock. There are personal tributes to John Barry from his close friends Sir Michael Caine, Don Black, Sir George Martin, David Arnold, Sir Michael Parkinson and Timothy Dalton. Also included are interviews with some of the guest artists.

John Barry You Only Live Twice

John Barry You Only Live Twice

Sir Michael Parkinson
Jonpatrick Barry
The Knack
Sir Michael Caine
The Ipcress File
Somewhere in Time
Don Black
Born Free
Midnight Cowboy – Harmonica solo : Julian Jackson
The John Dunbar Theme – Harmonica solo : Julian Jackson
Nicholas Dodd
We Have All The Time In The World – Vocal : Rumer
Sir Michael Parkinson
Body Heat – Sax solo : Nigel Hitchcock
Remembering Chet – Trumpet solo : Derek Watkins
Out Of Africa
Blessing by John O’Donoghue – Read by Timothy Dalton
Tick The Days Off One By One – Vocal & Guitar : David Arnold
The James Bond Suite
Sir George Martin
Diamonds Are Forever – Vocal : Dame Shirley Bassey
Goldfinger – Vocal : Dame Shirley Bassey
The James Bond Theme – Guitar solo : David Arnold


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