Sam Mendes to break silence over Bond 23 movie ‘Skyfall’

22 Feb

James Bond: Sam Mendes to break silence over ‘Skyfall’ movie

Sam Mendes, the director of the new James Bond film, will post his first Skyfall “videoblog” online tomorrow morning 23/2.

The director will talk about his own childhood fixation with the Bond films in the video which will go online at 7am Wednesday morning.

”The roots of my doing this Bond movie start way before anybody approached me because, like everyone else, I have my own personal relationship with Bond which began when I was I suppose about nine or ten years old. I’ve always been a fan of the movies,” he says in the post.

According to the organisers, the video is exclusive to the official 007 website and is the first in a series of videoblogs about the Skyfall film.

The website currently displays a digital count-down to the release of the film, but tension is hardly mounting. There were 247 days, 7 hours and 16 minutes to go when this article was written, since the film is slated for UK release on Oct 26.

The studio will no doubt keep fans tantalised with a drip by drip release of new Bond material as they aim with this, its 23rd film, to bounce back after bankruptcy. The production of this film was put on hold for months and the last movie earned mixed reviews.


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