What Kind Of Smartphone Would James Bond Use in SKYFALL.

15 Mar

We can all agree that James Bond could not just go around with any type of cellular phone. He would need a state of the art smartphone that could handle espionage and spy work at the highest levels.
MI6 is a no nonsense type of government agency that would not settle for anything less than the best. Countless James Bond movies showing 007 driving BMW’s and Aston Martins, wearing the finest clothing, and we can not forget the best gadgets that technology has to offer.
I would think that at this point the iPhone has been knocked out of the running for the lack of video chat capabilities. You see, Mr. Bond would have to be able to video chat with M while driving and the iPhone needs WiFi for video chat. A bit inconvenient for a spy.
The smartphone that James Bond would go for is the HTC One X. The list of things that he could use in the HTC One X is long. Starting with the picture and video capabilities with SLR type action taking 20 pictures in 2 seconds, and being able to take the pictures while videoing.
Beats Audio would not only be great for him to listen to his music, but Q could adapt it a bit to be used to pick up ”bugs” while wearing his Beats headphones. Useful when he has to sweep a room for listening devices.
The HTC One X Car Dock would allow him to easily pop his HTC One X in to his spy car. With Bluetooth it would pair with his super car and he would be good to go. Navigation would help him get to his targets and then he would be able to video record in HD all the action.
The HTC One X also comes with the new HTC Sense 4.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich, which would fall in line with the latest technology.
I did think about the Samsung Galaxy S2 but went with the HTC One X because it is so much more stylish than the Galaxy S2. Plus it is so much cooler to say that your smartphone was dipped in plasma.



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