James Bond actor George Lazenby slams ‘Skyfall’ Heineken advertising deal

23 Maj

Ever since it was announced that the producers for the next James Bond film, Skyfall, signed a product placement deal with Heineken, fans have been criticizing it. Many fear that it could mean that Bond won’t be ordering his famous ‘shaken, not stirred’ martini in the film. George Lazenby, who played Bond in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Service, has joined the critics.

In an interview with TMZ, Lazenby tells that site that it breaks the sacred tradition that has been a part of Bond’s mythology since Ian Flemming’s novels.

Lazenby also slams Heineken itself. ”It’s not the best beer out there, either,” he says.

He believes that the move shows that producers are more interested in the money than sticking with what fans are used to. He says that it’s disappointing that they will always “go where the money is.”

Daniel Craig, the actor playing Bond in Skyfall, defended the reportedly $45 million advertising deal with Heineken in an interview last month. He told Moviefone at the time that, “We have relationships with a number of companies so that we can make this movie. The simple fact is that, without them, we couldn’t do it. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it is.”

Skyfall, the 23rd Bond film, hits U.S. theaters on Nov. 9, when fans will see just how much influence Heineken had over the production. MGM released the first teaser for the film earlier this week.




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