Kommunalarbetaren: Nils Gunnar Bond James Schäfer operates the world’s only James Bond museum in Småland Nybro.

2 Jul

Nils Gunnar Bond James Schäfer operates the world’s only James Bond museum in Småland Nybro. This year, the museum 10 years and he has no plans to lay down his life project. ”I do not care what others think. I do this for my own sake. You’ve gotta believe in yourself and your own dreams. ”

Gunnar – med rätt att ställa ut – Kommunalarbetaren

Gunnar – with the right to exhibit CULTURE 2012-06-27 His name is German Shepherd. Nils Gunnar Bond James Schäfer. He runs the world’s only James Bond museum in an ugly and insignificant industrial area, in Småland Nybro. It is actually true. The world’s only James Bond museum – in Nybro – I searched frantically for a James Bond museum because it was my great interest, but I found nothing so I thought, why not start one yourself? says the man behind one of Sweden’s more unusual museums.   Modern or the National Museum in all its glory. But Sweden is full of odd, unfamiliar and somewhat twisted museums. KA visit one of them.   There are no signs on the road, nothing to guide us. Suddenly it just up: 007-museum stands on a sign above the shop ”Nybro auto parts.” We have arrived where Bond paraphernalia were intermingled with motor oil and cylinders. Gunnar Schäfer runs both on her own.   – I work enough, probably around four hours a day with my bildelsföretag and maybe 5-6 hours of the museum, he says. The entrance to the right takes one further into the museum and once there, one is led directly into a small movie theater, where visitors first of all get to see a 20 minute film about Gunnar and his museum. And above all why he is so obsessed with James Bond. So much so that he added to both Bond and James in his own name and of course, 007 both on the car’s registration number and its own phone number.   – You get an explanation in the movie so I start with it.   His German father disappeared in Germany in 1959, when Gunnar was two years old. Six years later he saw his first Bond film, and began after fantasizing about her father’s disappearance, perhaps he was a secret agent?   And there lies the whole explanation, he argues.   – I look like I honor Ian Fleming and my dad with the museum. What I hope for is that one day it will turn up any relatives of my dad and give me some clue.




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