James Bond composer Marvin Hamlisch dies at 68. (For Your Eyes Only)

7 Aug


Biografi: Marvin Hamlisch(Composer for The Spy Who Loved Me) Born June 2, 1944, New York City

Music (For Your Eyes Only)

Credits Music: Marvin Hamlisch James Bond Theme: Monty Norman Song Lyrics: Michael Leeson Song Performed By: Sheena Easton

Additional ”Make It Last All Night” by Bill Conti, lyrics by Shelby Conti and Chris West, performed by Rage (played at Gonzales” villa).

Highest Chart Position: 8 (UK), 4 (US)

Soundtrack Listing 1. For Your Eyes Only 2. A Drive in the Country 3. Take Me Home by Eddie Blair 4. Melina’s Revenge 5. Gonzales Takes a Drive 6. St. Cyril’s Monastery 7. Make It Last All Night by Rage 8. Runaway 9. Submarine 10. For Your Eyes Only by Derek Watkins 11. Cortina 12. The P.M. Gets the Pird/For Your Eyes Only (Reprise) by Sheena Easton 13. Gunbarrel/Flowers for Teresa/Sinking the St. Georges 14. Unfinished Business/Bond Meets Kristatos 15. Ski….Shoot….Jump…. 16. Goodbye, Countess/No Head for Heights/Dining Alone 17. Recovering the Atac 18. Sub Vs. Sub 19. Run Them Down/The Climb

Notes ”For Your Eyes Only” had the only title sequence (to date) to feature the performing artist on screen – Sheena Easton. The titles were also used as the music video for the song.




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