His name is Bond – James Bond. CHANGE OF NAME When Gunnar Schäfer was two years lost his dad

25 Sep

His name is Bond – James Bond
CHANGE OF NAME When Gunnar Schäfer was two years lost his dad. The many issues that the incident brought has not received any response and the deep longing is still there. But one that in many ways has come to fill the void is – James Bond. Gunnar has even added action hero’s name to their own. In this way, he thinks they have come closer to her father.

Two events during childhood has been variously influenced him a lot. The first occurred when Gunnar was only two years. His father was German and fought for their country during World War II. After the war he came to Sweden and met Gunnar’s mother. They married and had four children.

One day his father told him to go on holiday to Germany to try to locate his parents, whom he lost touch with during the war. After a week or so damp it down a postcard his father sent from Denmark, but after the family heard no more of him. He disappeared without a trace.

– Although I do not remember much of the incident, it was of course a big disaster for my whole family. My mother could not take care of us children, and while that pays for supplies, so we had to go to social services for help.




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