Sony Mobile’s XperiaTM range, is set to feature in the newest James Bond film, Skyfall.

18 Okt

“XperiaTM is trusted by James Bond,” says Yasushi Asaoka, President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines. The consumer electronics giant reveals that the XperiaTM TX (also coming in a variant known as Xperia T for some specific markets), the latest smartphone in Sony Mobile’s XperiaTM range, is set to feature in the newest James Bond film, Skyfall – the 23rd adventure of the longest-running film franchise of all time.

Sony Ericsson first partnered with Bond for Die Another Day starring Pierce Brosnan in 2002, using both the T68i and P800 in the film. “Key phone models have since been featured in the most recent Bond films, with the K800i and M600i making their debuts in Casino Royale, and the C902 bringing limited edition glamour to Quantum of Solace,” said Asaoka. “We are absolutely thrilled that the Sony XperiaTM continues to be James Bond’s official handset of choice – XperiaTM is definitely the perfect gadget for the franchise’s golden anniversary,” Asaoka added.

James Bond enjoyed its first world premiere in London in 1962 with Dr. Who. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, Sony Philippines will run a promotion starting October 13, 2012. Buyer of selected Sony XperiaTM handsets will get a free, trendy, ‘made for XperiaTM’ phone case for purchases made from October 13 until November 15.  Participating handsets for this promotion are: XperiaTM ion, XperiaTM S, and XperiaTM P.

Skyfall will premier in the Philippines on October 31st while the Sony XperiaTM TX will be available in the country in early January 2013.



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