First Edition 1953 Ian Fleming James Bond Casino Royale. James Bond 007 Museum

19 Feb
fleming writer

fleming writer

Casino Royale Ian Flemings first book first impression first print 1953 in The James Bond 007 Museum


Ian Fleming’s estate signs new James Bond book deal

Ian Fleming’s back catalogue of James Bond stories is to be relaunched after his estate signed a 10-year deal with Random House to publish the books in print and e-book format.

Vintage, a division of Random House, will take over publishing of print books from Penguin.

The estate, which has been publishing e-books, said the deal was ”a significant step change” for the work.

Fleming’s 14 Bond books have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

Fleming’s first Bond novel, Casino Royale, was published in 1953 by Vintage’s sister imprint Jonathan Cape.

”We are delighted to be reuniting James Bond with his original publisher,” said Corinne Turner, managing director of Ian Fleming Publications.

The 14 books, including two short story collections, will be relaunched this summer.

Sales are likely to be boosted by the release, in October, of Daniel Craig’s third 007 film Skyfall, which comes 50 years after the original Bond film, Dr No.

Sebastian Faulks and John Gardner are among authors who have written officially-sanctioned Bond novels since Fleming’s death in 1964.

The latest, Carte Blanche – written by thriller author Jeffery Deaver and released in May last year – updates the James Bond back story and portrays him as a Royal Naval Reserve veteran whose service included a tour of Afghanistan.


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