Nybro James Bond flies around the world. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

7 Maj

Nybro James Bond flies around the world. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA
Bond 007 Museum.

He has done it again. Managed to advertise small Nybro out in the big world. In the April edition of Norwegian Magazine presents Nybro own James Bond Gunnar Schäfer in an entire spread.

Where do Bond? Airline Norwegian is the second largest airline in Scandinavia and the third largest airline in Europe with 331 lines to 120 destinations in North Africa and the Middle East. 70 percent of all those traveling with the airline reads Norwegian Inflight Magazine, so there will be a large number of passengers who now know was somewhere James Bond lives. For it is namely the month key issue for the Norwegian magazine.

Like Timothy Dalton? Then he got into 007museet where he meets Gunnar Bond as he described zeal as a fit and handsome Timothy Daltonlik James Bond, who drives a car with the number plate 007 JB and who lives in a house called Goldeneye but who normally works with car parts.

ABBA James Bond? Along with the likes of Alice Babas, ABBA, Charlotte Pirelli, brothers Herrey, Loreen and new Eurovision winner Robin Stjernberg, in a great article about the Eurovision Song Contest, is Nybro own James Bond the only Swedish in the Norwegian magazine.

KLT Ann-Helene



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