28 maj 2013, Ian Fleming 105 year, from James Bond 007 Museum Nybro Sweden

27 Maj
Ian Fleming's gardener, Mr Dacosta Ramsey,Jamaica. Here with Gunnar James Bond Schäfer

Ian Fleming’s gardener, Mr Dacosta Ramsey,Jamaica. Here with Gunnar James Bond Schäfer


Ian Fleming 105 year 28 maj 2013. Visit  Goldeneye from James Gunnar Schäfer  Bond and The 007 Museum Nybro Sweden.

The Life of Ian Fleming (1908-1964) Ian Lancaster Fleming, born 28 maj 1908          i Mayfair, London, died 12 augusti 1964  Canterbury.= 56 year old.


Goldeneye was the name given by Ian      Fleming to his estate in Oracabessa,       Jamaica. He      purchased the land next door to Golden Clouds estate and built his house      on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a private beach.]      The original house was a modest structure consisting of three bedrooms and      a swimming pool. Fleming’s coterie of friends who visited him at Goldeneye      included actors, musicians and filmmakers

.fleming_house_schafer.jpg (9650075 bytes)

Ian  Fleming. How to write a best-seller?  ”Luckily i had an Island hideway”.

fleming_writer.jpg (390646 bytes)

Ian Fleming. How to write a best-seller?

Luckily i had an Island hideway.

At the Goldeneye resort in Jamaica own by Chris Blackwell you can se      this picture, taken by James Bond Gunnar Schäfer who runs the James Bond      007Museum in Sweden Nybro.
Ian Fleming villa Ian fFemming Jamaica_airport_fleming Goldeneye-map.pdf





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