Bond movie LICENCE TO KILL 1989 (Tid För Hämnd) TV4 måndag 24 juni kl.21.30. From 007museum Nybro Sweden

20 Jun

Bond movie LICENCE TO KILL 1989 (Tid För Hämnd)  TV4 måndag 24 juni kl.21.30

Mission Following the mutilation of Felix Leiter and the death of Della  Leiter at the hands of drug czar Franz Sanchez, 007 disobeys orders and        pursues  Sanchez with a vengeance. Bond’s obsession costs him his licence  to kill – and nearly his life.


Americanized to ”License To Kill” (with an ”s”), but   the British version won out. The title is referred to by M when 007   quits the secret service – ”effective immediately, your licence to        kill is revoked”.

From 007museum Nybro Sweden


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