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In a unique collaboration between three of Britain’s iconic brands       – James Bond, Bentley Motors and Penguin Books – a special, limited      edition of the new Bond book Devil May Care will be published on 28th May.      Written by Sebastian Faulks at the invitation of Ian Fleming Publications      to celebrate the Ian Fleming centenary, Devil May Care is one of the most      eagerly anticipated publications of 2008.

Cars and James Bond have always had a strong association and, contrary      to popular belief, Bond’s preference has historically been firmly with      Bentley Motors. He owned three Bentleys in the course of the fourteen      original novels written by Ian Fleming. It is fitting therefore that in      Devil May Care – published to coincide with the centenary of Ian Fleming’s      birth – Bond is found once again in the driving seat of his favourite car.

To mark the reunion, Penguin approached Bentley to produce a luxury,      limited edition of Devil May Care. The result is a beautiful and striking      edition which takes its inspiration from hard-covers of the original 1950s      and 1960s Bond books combined with the stylish Bentley owner’s manuals      and handbooks of the era. Inside the book is a specially designed model      pewter Bentley, described in detail by Fleming in Thunderball.

Bentley Chief Designer Dirk van Braeckel says, “Transferring our      design knowledge from the car world to a book was a new challenge for us,      but working closely with Penguin, we think we have come up with a unique      product which is complementary to the history of Bentley and Bond that can      be appreciated by all.”

Only 300 copies of the Special Series edition will be      produced, costing £750 each, available exclusively from the Penguin James      Bond books website (www.penguin007.com).

The design

Devil May Care Bentley – Special      Series Edition.        New in The James Bond 007 Museum Nybro. Sweden.



Devil May Care Bentley – Special      Series Edition.        New in The James Bond 007 Museum Nybro. Sweden. 


  • Category: Fiction
  • Format: Hardcover, 416 pages
  • On Sale: June 2, 2008
  • Price: $1,500.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-385-52867-2 (0-385-52867-1)
  • ABOUT THIS BOOK This Copy is nr 271

    200 copies sold out in 2 hours                     Only 100 copies left, available only in USA at Randomhouse.                    $1500
    It is with the greatest delight that we present the Bentley                    Special Series edition of Devil May Care. The                    ultimate in luxury editions — this beautifully crafted                    book represents a unique alliance between two of the                    world’s most iconic brands: James Bond and Bentley Motors.
    Cars and James Bond have always had a special association                     — our favourite spy is suitably famed for his fast cars                    and even faster driving. Whether it’s in pursuit of an                    arch-nemesis or a beautiful woman, Bond is always at home                    behind the wheel of a luxury sports car. Contrary to popular                    belief however, Bond’s preference has historically been                    firmly with Bentley Motors.

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Devil May Care Breaks Records 4th June 2008

After just 4 days of sales, Devil      May Care, the new James Bond novel by Sebastian Faulks, has sold      44,093 copies making it Penguin’s fastest selling hardback fiction title      ever. Previous Penguin bestsellers by the likes of Tom Clancy and Nick      Hornby have sold about 11,500 copies in their first four days, the      publisher said.

The novel enters the charts this week at no. 1 in all      relevant categories. Waterstone’s saw the highest sales selling over      19,000 copies. The Waterstone’s special edition of Devil May Care,      retailing at £100, had sold out by midday on the 28th May – the day it      went on sale.

The hardcover print run in Britain and the United States is reported to be      400,000 copies.Above:      Devil May Care   Ovan: Devil May       Care
I Djävulens Tjänst av Sebastian Faulks skriver som Ian Fleming en James Bond roman



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