Buy The Book James Bond ”A Father Figure” Author: James Bond Gunnar Schäfer

21 Nov

James Bond ”A Father Figure”  Author: James Bond Gunnar Schäfer


Hello, dear readers!

What is the book about, why I have written it? I
tell about my life, how I grew up, what problems, setbacks and disappointments I have had to contend with. I
tell how I found ways to move forward and not go under. I tell how I started collecting James Bond.
A collection which became more extensive over the years and that made me realize
that I could create something that did not exist in the world, a James Bond Museum.

James Bond?

Why was it just the famous agent, James Bond?
Why do I have step by step even gone so far that
I almost replaced my real biological identity, Gunnar Schäfer, with a Bond-like,
now in the last year and even changed my name to James Bond Gunnar Schäfer?
They say about
me that I am the man who became James Bond.

Fleming’s son?

James Bond’s ”father”, the author who created Bond was an English class son of Ian
Fleming. The
fact that I had taken the shape of James Bond Ian Fleming has been my dad.
A father in compensation for my biological one day when I was quite small, just
disappeared without a trace.

My father (Johannes
) was a German citizen. He fled to Sweden after the Second World War.
He married my mother 1950-06-03, and was with her three children when I was two years old came
disaster, dad just disappeared. My search for him has so far been unsuccessful.

In the absence of facts, I have created myself a fantasy picture of Dad. A
picture, a father figure to tie up their identity, most people have.
In my imagination grew slowly until a picture of a dad as been an outstanding agent
and when the war was over, fled an uncertain future.

Perhaps he had been a good German James Bond?
It was probably what I have long hoped and is
something I have in my research is still hope. Hope will
become reality one day when I see Dad again. I
also hope that others who have had difficulties in life that I can learn from my
destiny and my way of survival.

Can it be so, the book’s genesis in many ways become meaningful.

November 2013,
Goldeneye, Nr.10 Spikgatan, Kalmar Sweden James Bond Gunnar Schäfer.
The book is of 172 pages with photos. James Bond Gunnar Schäfer
James Bond 007 Museum Emmabodav. 20 S-382 45 Nybro Sweden
Tele: +46-0481-12960 Cell: +46-0734-477007


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