Rent Villa Sylva, Kanoni, Corfu, Greece from Bondmovie For Your Eyes Only 1981

12 Dec

Villa Sylva, Kanoni, Corfu, Greece       James Bond 007 Museum Emmabodav. 20 S-382 45 Nybro  Sweden

      Tula’s scene in For Your Eyes Only
Villa Sylva, Kanoni, Corfu, Greece
Villa Sylva, Kanoni, Corfu, Greece
photo © VillaGetaways

photo © VillaGetaways                    

The swimming pool that’s the center of the action in the film is still there and looks the same as in the film
photo © VillaGetaways

photo © VillaGetaways                    

The swimming pool and part of the villa in the background
photo © VillaGetaways

The luxury Villa Sylva is located on the island of Corfu, Greece. Not the villa itself, but the swimming pool and garden area is featured in the movie For Your Eyes Only (1981), with the villa visible in the background. The villa and swimming pool still exist and can be rented. 

In the movie, the villa is supposed to be in Spain and is the house of hitman Gonzales. The scene in the movie opens with shots of the gate and the swimming pool, filled with beautiful women enjoying themselves. Emile Locque and a henchman walk alongside the pool and meet with Gonzales to pay him for his work. While Bond is spying on this meeting, he is captured by Gonzales’ men and taken to Gonzales by the swimming pool. Just when Bond is taken away (to be killed), Melina Havelock kills Gonzales with an arrow in revenge for killing her parents. Gonzales floats in the swimming pool with the arrow in his back. Bond saves himself in the commotion.

The villa is situated in a prominent position 120 feet above the sea and has beautiful panoramic views looking southeast over the Ionian Sea and famous Pondikonissi, or Mouse Island. Located at the apex of Kanoni the Villa is well away from Corfu’s tourist crowds, yet offers easy access to the restaurants and shops of Corfu town. Prices range from $24,500 (per week in low season) to $45,500 (per week in high season).

The villa was also featured in the 1970 movie The Executioner, starring George Peppard and Joan Collins.



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