How Many Women Has James Bond Slept With? James Bond 007 museum in Sweden Nybro owner James Bond have found some facts about Bond babes.

13 Dec

The golden ability to get to the point!
How many brides have James Bond pulled over?
James Bond 007 museum in Sweden Nybro owner James Bond  have found some facts about Bond babes.
I have seen all the Bond films over and over again and recorded some facts about how many times Bond comes to the shoot: There are 54 Bond girls of all 23 films, of which 37 brunettes, blondes 27 and 4 redheads, 16 times, you can hear the famous ”Oh James” In all the films, James Bond has six 87 times the majority of the hotel rooms and underwater, but also a couple of times on the train and a few odd places He ordered vodka martini 27 times.




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