Bondgirl from Octopussy 1983 Kristina Wayborn Britt-Inger Johansson, with James Gunnar Schäfer

16 Dec

      Magda Played by:   Kristina Wayborn
Description: At first glance, Magda appears to be one of Kamal      Khan’s henchman after she sleeps with Bond and steals the Faberge Egg.      However, it is later revealed that she is in fact a member of Octopussy’s      Traveling Circus and helps lead the attack on Kamal Khan’s palace during      the film’s finale.

Octopussy 1983        Magda (Kristina Wayborn)          Britt -Inger Johansson          Born: Sweden, Nybro 

From Faberge perfume to Faberge eggs, from Ingmar        Bergman to James bond, Kristina        Wayborn who plays the enigmatic Magda        in Octopussy 1983         has seen it all.
Born in a small town Nybro, nearly deserted Baltic Sea island off        Sweden`s east coast, Kristin Wayborn maintained an academic record of        top honors while also developing some very unusual skills. Britt -Inger        Johansson ,
Kristina        Wayborn         was a Swedish track champion, running 100 meters in 11.3 seconds. Asa        lark, she decided to enter a light-weight arm-wrestling championship        contest which she won. She has been a race car driver, a jockey and        horsetrainer,a wild animal trainer, a clothes designer, and she takes        more than a passing interest in gourmet cooking.

Wayborn was spotted by famed        Ingmar Bergman while performing a play and subsequently trained with him        for three years at the Royal Academy in Stockholm.         This was not enough acitivity for Kristina        Wayborn, so she        studied to become a veterinarian as well. But she never to forgot her        desire to come to Hollywood and become a respected actress.

As a teenager on her first        trip to the United States, Wayborn sent pictures of herself to top        modeling agents in New York. Shortly thereafter, Faberge invited her to        their office and promytly signed her to an exclusive five-year contract.        This took her to Hollywood, but she was put off by the exploiers who        were only concerned with her looks and nother talent. After appearing in        the televison movie ”Victory at Entebbe” in 1976, she returned        to Sweden, and learned that DavidWolper and Stan Margulies were going to        film Greta Garbo`s life story for  television, Ingmar        Bergman suggested to Wolper that he meet Kristina, so she flew to        Hollywood once more and landed the part.

When Albert Cubby        Broccoli was casting for Octopussy 1983,         he remembered         her sensitive portrayal of the legendary Garbo and invited her to play a        starring role in the 007 epic. Wayborn said ”It`s a wonderful        picture to be part of and I couldn´t be happier. The costumes are        wonderful and the action which involves me is exciting and dramatic. The        director, John Glen allows me to do a few minor stunts-which have always        interested me-and I have been able to perform some very athletic scenes        without the use of a double”         Filming one fight scene, Wayborn sent a stuntman to the sick bay with        the unexpected power-punches she landed in his abdomen.


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