TV4 Bondfilm 17 december Octopussy (1983) – Roger Moore

17 Dec

TV4 Bondfilm 17 december Octopussy (1983) – Roger Moore

Magda Christina Wayborn
Magda Khristina Wayborn

Octopussy Magda (Kristina Wayborn) Kamal Khan       Octopussy Magda (Kristina Wayborn) Kamal Khan

Maud Adams Octopussy                   Maud Adams          Octopussy

      Magda in bed with James Bond


  • In the pre-title sequence, as the Acrostar flies through the          warehouse, you can see if you look carefully enough the pole upon          which the mock jet is impaled on.
  • When Vijay is ”fishing” (while James is with Octopussy),          his shirt is 2 buttons shy of being buttoned to the top. When the          intruders sneak attack him from front and behind, they rip his shirt 4          buttons down and nearly to the navel. Then when Gobinda walks down the          steps and looks at Vijay, his shirt is back to being buttoned 2          buttons from the top. Then, when we look at Vijay from the vantage          point of the goon with the buzzsaw, we see Vijay’s shirt is unbuttoned          3 or 4 notches again.
  • During the film’s climax, the stuntman doubling for 007’s parachute          can clearly be seen when the wind blows open his jacket. Later, when          Gobinda falls off the plane, you can clearly see the orange straps of          his parachute underneath his jacket as he spins away.
  • The pre-title sequence with the Acrostar plane was originally          intended to be a Little Nelly type battle sequence in Moonraker          and was to take place above the Angel Falls in Brazil. It had to be          scrapped when the falls’ river bed dried up
  • Octopussy’s island was located in Udaipur, India. It was also known          as the ”City of Sunrise”.
  • Magda was an animal trainer, a jockey, and even a race car driver,          before she became an actress.
  • When Octopussy talks about Bond’s background with her father Major          Dexter Smythe, that story is actually the whole plot of the Ian          Fleming short story, ”Octopussy”.
  • The Faberge egg auction sequence was in the Ian Fleming short story,          ”Property of a Lady”.
  • The page already says that the



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