Bond, Gunnar James Bond Schäfer

23 Aug

Bond, Gunnar James Bond Schäfer tore that textbook in half, threw one part out the window and kept the other, because you need money to make your dreams a reality.

Bond, Gunnar Bond was born in a small beautiful seaside town of Västervik in Sweden in 1957 to Inga Charlotta and Johannes Schäfer. His father was a German soldier that moved to Sweden shortly after the end of World War 2, Gunnar is youngest of three, Bertil (1951) and Heinz (1955).

When Bond, Gunnar Bond (BGB) was two years old and just moved with his family to Nybro, his father suddenly disappeared without a trace. The only explanation offered to the childrens was that he went back to Germany to look for his mother, never to return. In the following years the family of four falls into hardship, he remembers getting a visit from the Lions club donating food over holiday festivals while they plummet down the social classes to the lowes

Single mother with three kids of a German soldier in the sixties was not called a ”independent powered heroine of a mother” but the total opposite, In Iceland we had the hate word for women that dated American soldiers during WW2, Kanamella is playing on the word for Caramel in Icelandic, Kana being a slang for American and mella (said; metla) the most derogatory word you can find for


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