James Bond in a commercial for non-alcoholic beer, which is owned by Carlsberg.

5 Dec

James Bond in a commercial for non-alcoholic beer, which is owned by Carlsberg.

Heineken has been in Bondmovies since 1997 and last 007 Spectre with Daniel Craig as Bond,

Hello, James Bond Gunnar Schäfer owner of The James Bond 007 Museum In Nybro, Sweden
I and my colleagues at the Animal working with a branding campaign Eriksbergs-alcoholic beer Hovmästarlager which means establishing Eriksberg as a storyteller. Now we are looking for people to portray that has an interesting story to tell – and during our research, we found several articles and you, your name change and museum.

I enclose the portraits we have done now in 2016. This year we had a print ad in Science Illustrated, Swedish Hunting, Gourmet and filters, as well as digitally on YouTube, Omni, Twitter, Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ engodhistoria) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/engodhistoria/). The announcement will be adjusted in 2017 depending on which media portraits fits best.

Eriksberg is advertising the sender, so the person who tells their story and its employer or own business can be seen free of advertising.

In the first story, we also did a film that you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTRylaD8np4&feature=youtu.be It went like cinema advertising, and it’s likely that this year’s films also do.

In 2017 we aim to make three portraits of both motion and still images.

We hope you will be one of our portraits. I’ll call you on Monday (if it fits) we’ll talk further.



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