The song ”Martinis and Champagne I am James Bond, Dad where did you go

3 Sep

The song ”Martinis and Champagne I am James Bond, Dad where did you go”. Will be a theme in a James Bond documentary. called ”The Other Fellow”. The film is about people called James Bond in the world and has a story to tell and one who is included is Gunnar Bond James Schäfer from Kalmar / Nybro. Gunnar’s father Johannes Schäfer came from Germany ouside Nurnberg (Sulchbach-Rosenberg) to Sweden at the end of World War II in 1945 but disappeared in 1959 when Gunnar was two years old. The search is always ongoing so a producer from London Matthew Boywer became interested in the story that comes up on film after 6 years of work.l. The goal is to find relatives who are alive anywhere in the world.


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