The world’s only James Bond 007 museum‍‍‍

14 Jul

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The world’s only James Bond 007 museum‍‍‍



Welcome to The World’s only James Bond 007 Museum, located in Nybro Sweden. Over 1,000 square meter. James Bond Collection started in 1965 after Gold- finger by Gunnar Schäfer (change name 2007 to James Bond). The Bond 007 museum is a tribute to Ian Fleming and my missing father Johannes Schäfer, lost since 1959. James Bond 007 Museum started in Nybro Sweden 2002. We have a full-sized Gondola from Venice (apparently just like the one that Roger Moore used in Moonraker). You can see Ast‍‍‍on Martin, Airplane Cessna 172, Glastron Boat, BMW Z3, Snowmobile, BMW motorbike, Jaguar E-Type. Izabella Scorupcos bikini from Goldeneye and try Goldeneye pinball. Omega Seamaster collection. The world’s only 007 toilet. We have 20-seat cinema for visitors to sit and watch Bond films. Use our computers, library and see over 20 different movies on tv screen. You can play Nintendo, Gamecube, Playstation, Chess, Roulette and Black Jack. Take a glass of Champagne – Bollinger or a Dry Mar- tini ”Shaken Not Stirred” in our own designed 007 glass. We also serve ice cream coffee and tee.


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