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All of Ian Fleming’s books read by English actor. From James Bond Museum Sweden

3 Jan

All of Ian Fleming’s books read by English actor. Audiobooks James Bond Ian Fleming

From James Bond Museum Sweden Nybro

Audiobooks James Bond Ian Fleming

I can’t think of a bad time or place for listening to any of        Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels… Any of them will have you driving        in circles rather than arrive at your destination.

– The Times    www.ianfleming.com/books/bond-books/ian-fleming-2/audiobooks/

In 2012 Ian Fleming’s Bond novels were released as brand new        audiobooks. Read by a spectacular cast of British acting        talent including Bill Nighy, Damian Lewis, Hugh Bonneville, David        Tennant and Sir Kenneth Branagh. Over three years in the making, the        project was the brainchild of Lucy Fleming, Ian Fleming’s niece,        and was headed by distinguished director Enyd Williams. They        worked closely with the readers to create an exciting, modern take on        the new, unabridged recordings of these classic books. To hear Lucy        Fleming talking about the audiobooks on Steve Wright’s Radio 2 show,        click here.        Plans to record Ian Fleming’s two collections of short stories, For        Your Eyes Only and Octopussy and The Living Daylights are  also in progress.


The 14 audiobooks and their readers

Title Reader
Casino Royale Dan Stevens
Live and Let Die Rory Kinnear  Bill Tanner in Agent in SKYFALL and Quantum of Solace
Moonraker Bill Nighy
Diamonds Are Forever Damian Lewis
From Russia With Love Toby Stephens-Gustav Graves – Toby Stephens  Die Another    Day 2002
Dr No Hugh Quarshie
Goldfinger Hugh Bonneville
For Your Eyes Only Samuel West
Thunderball Jason Isaacs
The Spy Who Loved Me Rosamund Pike  Miranda Frost Die Another    Day 2002
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service David Tennant
You Only Live Twice Martin Jarvis
The Man With The Golden Gun Sir Kenneth Branagh
Octopussy and The Living Daylights Tom Hiddleston



Spirits, women and cigarettes took the life of James Bond

13 Dec

Spirits, women and cigarettes took the life of James Bond


Vodka martini, ”shaken not stirred” – often said as part of a bad Sean Connery impersonation – is one of the most quotable lines from Bond.

Yet Her Majesty’s top secret agent’s love of the bottle would leave him impotent and at death’s door.

Doctors analysing the Ian Fleming novels show James Bond polishes off the equivalent of one and a half bottles of wine every day.

They say he is not the man to trust to deactivate a nuclear bomb.

Doctors in Derby and Nottingham sat down to read the 14 Bond novels in their spare time.

With a notebook at hand they charted every day and every drink.

Excluding the 36 days Bond was in prison, hospital or rehab, the spy downed 1,150 units of alcohol in 88 days.

It works out at 92 units a week – about five vodka martinis a day and four times the recommended maximum intake for men in the UK.

The doctors’ report in the festive edition of the British Medical Journal concluded: ”Although we appreciate the societal pressures to consume alcohol when working with international terrorists and high stakes gamblers, we would advise Bond to be referred for further assessment of his alcohol intake.”

Patrick Davies, a consultant in paediatric intensive care at Nottingham University Hospitals, told the BBC: ”You wouldn’t want this person defusing a nuclear bomb.

”He’s a very glamorous person, he gets all the girls and that’s totally incompatible with the lifestyle of an alcoholic, which he is.”

He said Bond would be classified in the ”top whack” of problem drinkers and would be at high risk of liver damage, an early death and impotence.

”So he might be practising safe sex after all,” said Dr Davies.

From Russia with vodka

He also had a ”Drink and Let Drive” habit after consuming 39 units in Casino Royale then crashing in a high-speed car chase and needing two weeks in hospital.

On his biggest bender, Bond had 50 units in a single day during From Russia With Love and only 13 days in all the novels were free of the sauce.

Charting James Bond’s drinking habits with age, he starts off drinking heavily in Casino Royale (1953) before seemingly starting to get his life in order as he heads towards Goldfinger (1959).

However, his intake starts to soar again and peaks at 132 units a week in You Only Live Twice (1964).

The researchers argue this may be a response to the death of his wife a year earlier in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

They say the study is light-hearted, and did not interfere with their day jobs, but raises an important message about alcohol.

Excessive alcohol consumption is thought to cause 2.5 million deaths every year around the world.

”The level of functioning as displayed in the books is inconsistent with the physical, mental, and indeed sexual functioning expected from someone drinking this much alcohol,” the doctors said.


James Bond (Gunnar Schäfer) to visit Ian Flemings house Goldeneye, Jamaica. www.007museum.com

17 Jan


Ian Fleming's home where he wrote all 13 Bond novels. Goldeneye

Ian Fleming’s home where he wrote all 14 Bond novels. Goldeneye

Gunnar  Schäfer James Bond to visit Ian Flemings house Goldeneye, Jamaica 25 januari. Owner is Chris Blackwells Goldeneye. 



Ian Fleming's home where he wrote all 14 Bond novels. Goldeneye

Ian Fleming’s home where he wrote all 14 Bond novels. Goldeneye