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Do you know what happened in 1973? Here is the answer… Bond 007 museum, Bollinger Broccoli.

19 Apr

But 1973 also saw the birth of a warm and lasting friendship. This was the year when an encounter between Albert R. Broccoli and Christian Bizot led to the appearance of Bollinger in the film Live and Let Die. Even today, this relationship continues.

1973 was an exceptional year in the Champagne region, where the yield was the second largest in a hundred years, but it mobilised all available expertise. After a frost-free month of May the vines looked good and they flowered perfectly in the fine June weather: hopes ran high. Severe storms in July gave rise to an onset of Botrytis blight, which was stopped short by the return of the sun; a heat wave in August burnt the clusters of grapes in places. The grapes swelled under heavy rain in September and the blight had to be fought off again until the harvest, which began at the end of the month. The end result was a fantastic yield, low acidity and fine wine with a wonderful depth of flavour. An exceptional vintage, Bollinger R.D. 1973 accompanied the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.



Champagne tasting with James Bond in his James Bond 007 Museum in Sweden Nybro

22 Feb

Champagne tasting!
-Treat yourself to a Champagne tasting!
-How experienced a Bollinger, Dom Perignon or a Pol Roger, What is the difference?
-During a champagne tasting, we try fine wines from the Champagne region in France.
-We’re talking about Bond’s champagne and Ian Fleming.