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Daniel Craig confirmed to play Bond to 2020

18 Feb


John Blake Publishing will be publishing its latest film title on 25th February 2016, James Bond: The Secret History, in which Sean Egan explores the stories behind one of Britain’s most recognised and stylish cultural Icons.




Bondmuseet James Bond Gunnar Schäfer Ian Fleming Nybro Sweden Lonon UK Jamaica Goldeneye Kalmar

11 Jul

Varför åka hit? Besök ­världens första James Bond-museum. Ägaren James Bond Gunnar Schäfer som numera har bytt namn till James Bond har gjort museet som en hyllning till den engelske agenten Ian Fleming. Här finns mycket att titta på, bland annat många föremål som använts i filmerna.

Öppettider: Vardagar 10-17, lunchstängt 13-14, lördagar 10-14.

Inträde: Vuxna 100 kronor, barn 50 kronor.

Hitta hit: Emmabodavägen 20 i Nybro.

Mer info: http://www.007museum.com


3 June 2015 100 year celebration of James Bonds Gunnar Schäfer mother Inga Charlotta Schäfer

3 Jun James Bond 007 Museum Sweden Nybro

TODAY 3 June 2015 100 year celebration of James Bonds Gunnar Schäfer mother Inga Charlotta Schäfer
And 65 years since Mom married Dad John Schaefer

inga inga_johannes


Daniel Craig out and Dominic Cooper in… as new Bond…James Bond

5 Mar

Daniel Craig out and Dominic Cooper in… as new Bond…James Bond


Champagne Bollinger first time in a James Bond film ”Live And Let Die” 1973

4 Dec


Champagne Bollinger first time in a James Bond film ”Live And Let Die” 1973


Whisper with Champagne Bollinger

Whisper with Champagne Bollinger

Adding another installment to one of the most enduring marketing partnerships in motion picture history, Champagne Bollinger was again featured in a James Bond movie – Casino Royale.

Champagne Bollinger has been featured as 007’s Champagne of choice in some novels of Ian Fleming, as well as the movies.

List of Bollinger champagnes used in the movies: Live and Let Die: Bollinger … Moonraker: Bollinger RD ’69 License to Kill: Bollinger RD ’75 The Living Daylights: Bollinger … Goldeneye: Bollinger Grande Année 1988 Tomorrow Never Dies: Bollinger Grande Année 1989 The World Is Not Enough: Bollinger Grande Année 1990 Die Another Day: Bollinger ’61 Casino Royale: Bollinger Grande Année 1990

The relationship began when the Broccoli-Wilson family, producers of the Bond films, sought a wine to match Bond’s impeccable taste and refined personality. Not surprisingly, they chose Champagne Bollinger, long acknowledged as one of the world’s finest Champagnes. A mutual friendship developed between the Broccoli-Wilson family and the Bollinger family, and Champagne Bollinger has remained a Bond favorite even as the torch has been passed from Roger Moore to Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig.

More about Bollinger: Founded in 1829, Champagne Bollinger introduced the world to an instantly recognizable, dry, toasty style that connoisseurs around the globe covet. Six generations of the Bollinger family have maintained the trademark style of their namesake Champagne and it is one of a few remaining Grande Marque houses owned, controlled and managed by the same family since its founding.

Bollinger relies on its own estate for more than 60 percent of its grape requirements, including the Pinot Noir that gives its Champagne much of its distinctive strength and structure. Bollinger is one of a select few houses that can control the quality of its grape supply so carefully. Bollinger is renowned for its use of traditional methods that include extensive use of Pinot Noir, individual vinification of each marc and cru, barrel fermentation and extra-aging of all of its Champagnes on the lees prior to disgorgement


Sweden James Bond 007 expert

9 Sep

Sweden James Bond 007 expert  James Bond Gunnar Schäfer.

Nyhetsmorgon -James Bond blir öldrickare? tv4play.se/nyheter_och_debatt/nyhetsmorgon dumpar James Bond DryMartini och blir ölkille? Heineken utökar sitt sponsorskap.

Producers behind the next Bond movie Skyfall just inked a $45 million deal with Heineken to promote the brand which means instead of a vodka martini James Bond will be asking for a Heineken. The news has gotten more than a few people riled up namely the guy who played Bond in 1969 George Lazenby. Lazenby says replacing the iconic James Bond drink breaks a sacred tradition and adds, “It’s not the best beer out there, either.” So in the upcoming Skyfall instead of a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred, expect Daniel Craig to pop his collar and say, “Yo, broski! Pass me a Heiny!” http://www.007museum.com/svensk_james_bond_expert.htm

James Bond movie Casino Royale from 2006 in TV 4 monday 29 juli kl. 21.30

29 Jul

James Bond movie Casino Royale from 2006 in TV 4 monday 29 juli kl. 21.30
James Bond Museum in Nybro Sweden open mon-fri 10-18


Bond’s first 007 mission takes him to Madagascar where he is to spy          on a terrorist, MOLLAKA (Sebastien Foucan). Not everything goes to          plan and Bond decides to investigate, independently of MI6, in order          to track down the rest of the terrorist cell. Following a lead to the          Bahamas, he encounters DIMITRIOS (Simon Abkarian) and his girlfriend,          SOLANGE (Caterina Murino). He learns that Dimitrios is involved with          LE CHIFFRE (Mads Mikkelsen), banker to the world’s terrorist          organizations.

Secret Service intelligence reveals that Le Chiffre is planning to          raise money in a high-stakes poker game in Montenegro at Le Casino          royale. MI6 assigns 007 to play against him, knowing that is Le          Chiffre loses, it will destroy his organisation.

Casino_Royale_Poster1       Above: Daniel Craig as James Bond 007


James Bond Museum in Nybro Sweden open mon-fri 10-18