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For Your Ears Only The Voice of the Stars by Nikki Van Der Zyl, Many thanks for the book The James Bond Museum Nybro Sweden

28 Jan

For Your Ears Only The Voice of the Stars by Nikki Van Der Zyl
Many thanks for the book to The James Bond Museum Nybro Sweden

For      Your Ears Only is the intriguing and insightful new memoir by      Nikki van der Zyl – the unseen revoicing artiste that dubbed all the      female lead characters in some of the most famous and well-loved James      Bond films including From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball,       You Only Live Twice, and Dr No.

Nikki’s incredible career saw her become an integral yet invisible      element of the James Bond franchise and has afforded her cult status among      007 enthusiasts, while also securing her a loyal fan base around the      world. But this tell-all account of her life sheds light on some of the      hardships she encountered as a child refugee and the harrowing account of      how she is still denied access to her grandchildren. In addition, Nikki      worked as a barrister, journalist and lobby correspondent for the House of      Commons.

For Your Ears Only is the perfect read for Bond fans, and film      fanatics everywhere, but also those interested in journalism, law and      politics.

For Your Ears Only The Voice of the Stars by Nikki Van Der Zyl  For Your Ears Only The Voice of the Stars by Nikki Van Der Zyl


Blofeld could be back in James Bond’s crosshairs following legal deal

21 Nov

Blofeld could be back in James Bond’s crosshairs following legal deal

Resolution of long-running dispute with estate of Kevin McClory could pave way for cat-stroking mastermind to return to regenerated Bond franchise, as well as his uber-evil organisation, SPECTRE

Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the film adaptation of Diamonds Are Forever

Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the film adaptation of Diamonds Are Forever. Photograph: Allstar/United Artists/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

The James Bond film series is free to incorporate classic elements such as the villain Blofeld and nefarious organisation SPECTRE once again after settling a long-running legal case with the estate of 007 co-creator Kevin McClory.

A dispute over rights to the suave British spy has been ongoing since 1959, when writer McClory suggested a Bond film set in the Bahamas to Ian Fleming. The idea eventually came to form the basis of the novel Thunderball, as well as its 1965 film adaptation. Fleming and McClory collaborated on the third Bond film, which introduced both Blofeld and SPECTRE, but courts later ruled that the Dublin-born writer owned significant elements of the 007 mythos, and he was able to produce the ”unofficial” 1983 Bond film Never Say Never Again, which restored Sean Connery to the role.

Now McClory’s family has sold any remaining stake in 007 to Danjaq, maker of the Bond films via its better known subsidiary Eon, and distributor MGM. In later years McClory, who died in 2006, had found himself legally prohibited from making new Bond films, but the move does mean rights to characters introduced in Thunderball are once more ripe for inclusion in future instalments.

”Danjaq, LLC, the producer of the James Bond films, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), the longtime distributor of the Bond films, along with the estate and family of the late Kevin McClory, announced today that Danjaq and MGM have acquired all of the estate’s and family’s rights and interests relating to James Bond, thus bringing to an amicable conclusion the legal and business disputes that have arisen periodically for over 50 years,” said the parties in a statement.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is perhaps the iconic Bond villain, variously portrayed on the big screen by Donald Pleasance, Charles Gray, Telly Savalas and Max Von Sydow, as well as inspiring the character of Dr Evil in Mike Myers’ Austin Powers films. SPECTRE is an acronym for SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, a villainous apolitical organisation which has formed the template for various similar groups in the Bond films and similar efforts.

While the Bond films have moved away from the series’ more cartoonish roots in the last decade, recent 007 entry Skyfall did reintroduce such classic characters as gadget man Q and M’s flirtatious secretary, Moneypenny. The 2006 adaptation of Fleming’s novel Casino Royale also introduced a Spectre-like organisation, Quantum, to take on Bond.

The deal with McClory’s estate also paves the way for Never Say Never Again to be included in official collections. The latter film is considered by many to be a superior movie to 1983’s ”official” Roger Moore-headed Bond film, Octopussy.


James Bond Gunnar Schäfer in London MI6 Headquarters, Vauxhall Cross, London, UK

12 Aug

James Bond Gunnar Schäfer in London at the  MI6 Headquarters, Vauxhall Cross, London, UK

The Vauxhall Cross SIS Building, also commonly known as the MI6 Building, is the headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service.

The building is located at 85, Vauxhall Cross in the south western part of central London, along the Albert Embankment on the bank of the River Thames beside Vauxhall Bridge (Google Maps).

This MI6 building can be seen in the James Bond films GoldenEye (1995), The World Is Not Enough (1999), Die Another Day (2002) and SkyFall (2012).



James Bond in London at the  MI6 Headquarters, Vauxhall Cross, London, UK

James Bond in London at the MI6 Headquarters, Vauxhall Cross, London, UK

”James Bond’s” Walther gun, as used by Sean Connery in publicity shots for four ”James Bond” films.

10 Jul


“James Bond’s” Walther gun, as used by Sean Connery in publicity shots for four “James Bond” films. This 4.5 mm. Walther air pistol, LP Model 53, serial number 054159, was first used by Sean Connery for the promotion of his second “James Bond” film, From Russia with Love.  Publicist Tom Carlile arranged a series of poses with photographer David Hurn to shoot an iconic portrait of Connery as “James Bond 007” with his Walther pistol which was to be used as the primary image for the film’s poster art and advertising/marketing campaign.  When Connery arrived at the photo studio, together with Tom Carlile and representatives from United Artists, it was discovered that no one had brought “007’s” Walther semi-automatic pistol.  By chance, photographer Hurn practiced air pistol target shooting as a hobby and he used a Walther.  It was decided between Carlile and Hurn, without telling Connery or the other representatives from United Artists, that they would use his air pistol for the photographs and if anyone were to bring it up that the Walther name on the gun would reassure them.  In theory, the long barrel of the air pistol should have been removed by airbrushing during the design of the actual poster, but, for reasons unknown, it was never done.  What became of this shoot was one of the most iconic photographic images of the 20υth century.  The picture of Sean Connery holding the long-barreled gun across his chest or alongside his face became the most famous of all “Bond” images.  So effective were the shots from this From Russia with Love photo shoot, that the series of publicity shots were used for the following three Bond films: Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965) and You Only Live Twice (1967).  The gun features a 24 cm. barrel and blackened finish; comes with its original close-fitted Walther presentation case as well as a signed letter of provenance from photographer David Hurn.  This gun sold at Christie’s London in 2010 for a world record $437,000.


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”James Bond’s” Walther gun, as used by Sean Connery in publicity shots for four ”James Bond” films.

"James Bond's" Walther gun, as used by Sean Connery in publicity shots for four "James Bond" films.

”James Bond’s” Walther gun, as used by Sean Connery in publicity shots for four ”James Bond” films.






Goldfinger singer Dame Shirley Bassey to Make Premiere Oscar Appearance

11 Feb

Dame Shirley Bassey to Make Premiere Oscar Appearance

Dame Shirley Bassey will make a special appearance on the Oscars®, show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron announced today.

“We are thrilled to welcome the legendary Dame Shirley Bassey to our Oscar show,” said Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. “Her association with film music is world renowned and we are proud that she will be making her first Oscar appearance on our telecast.”

Bassey is this year celebrating her very own “Diamond Jubilee” with a career spanning over six decades.  She has recorded over 44 albums, sold over 135 million records and has sold out concert halls across the world.  In June 2012, she was one of a number of esteemed artists, including Elton John, Paul McCartney and Annie Lennox, who performed at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert.  In the United States, Bassey is best known for recording the theme songs for the James Bond films Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker.

See the complete Bond Music Gallery.

Bassey joins a stellar list of previously announced Oscar performers including Adele, Norah Jones and Barbra Streisand; and presenters including “The Avengers” cast members Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo; returning 2011 Oscar winners Jean Dujardin, Christopher Plummer, Octavia Spencer and Meryl Streep;  co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Ted;  and, special guest appearances including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe, Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron.

Oscars for outstanding film achievements of 2012 will be presented on Oscar Sunday, February 24, at the Dolby Theatre™ at Hollywood & Highland Center®, and will be hosted by Seth MacFarlane live on the ABC Television Network.  The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries worldwide.





Kina Lillet. ”Vesper” Dry Martini in Ian Flemings James Bond Film Casino Royale

30 Sep
”Vesper” Dry Martini in Ian Flemings in James Bond Films  Casino Royale

The ‘Vesper’ Martini (Fleming’s choice) Den ”Vesper” Martini (Fleming val)

  • 3 parts Gin 3 delar Gin
  • 1 part Vodka 1 del Vodka
  • 0,5 part kina lillet
  • 1 Lemon wedge 1 Lemon k

Using a standard cocktail shaker and plenty of ice, vigorously shake until the drink is ice cold. Serve in a champagne goblet with a thin slice of lemon peel.

Scrambled egg with bacon in butter salt and peppar a la` Ian Fleming. Break eggs into a bowl. Beat with fork and season with salt and pepper. In a small, heavy-bottomed pan, melt 4 oz. of the butter. Pour eggs and cook over very low heat, whisking with a small whisk.

When eggs are slightly moist and not quite how you’d want to eat them, remove pan from heat. Add remaining butter and continue whisking for 30 seconds, adding the herbs. Serve on hot buttered toast in individual copper dishes, with pink champagne.

Make sure you serve it in the copper dishes and with the champagne and tell us if they make a difference.

Bond as a cultural phenomenon has moved, with varying degrees of success, through the many decades since his birth at the simple writing desk in the spartan bungalow on Jamaica’s north shore. How many people in the western world couldn’t answer this question; ‘Who likes his Martinis shaken, not stirred?’



18 Maj


 James Bond will be in the south of France from tonight. As part of the celebrations for Bond’s 50th anniversary, Cannes Classics are screening five 007 films on the beach during the Cannes Film Festival. The screenings start tonight, Thursday 17th May, with a double-bill of DR NO and CASINO ROYALE and continue on the 20th, 21st and 23rd. This is the first time the James Bond films have ever been screened during the festival. And another first, the official trailer for the 23rd adventure, SKYFALL, will be publicly screened on Monday 21st May introduced by French actress Bérénice Marlohe who plays Severine in the film. Tying the classic and the new together in the world of Bond, Bérénice Marlohe will be joined by Martine Beswick who will introduce FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. Martine played Zora in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and was also Paula in THUNDERBALL.

The other films being shown as part of the Cinéma de la Plage Bond screenings are ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE and DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. These two titles will debut in high definition Blu-ray later this year in BOND 50, a collectible box-set featuring all 22 James Bond films on Blu-ray disc.


Judi Dench checks into ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’

1 Maj

There is no such thing as a weak performance from Dame Judi  Dench. Nor, it seems, is any character out of her range. Look at what she  did with the Alzheimer’s-plagued Iris Murdoch in “Iris,” or the stern and powerful M in a half-dozen James Bond films, or the kind and  patient Sybil Thorndike in “My Week  with Marilyn,” or her brief but riveting portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in “Shakespeare in  Love,” for which she won an Oscar.

In “The  Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” – opening Friday – Dench plays Evelyn Greenslade  who, recently widowed, finds out that her husband spent all of their money,  forcing her to sell their home and start over. Her decision is to begin living  life to the fullest, an idea that brings her, along with six other British  seniors, to the rundown hotel of the title, in Jaipur, India.

“Evelyn is an independent soul who feels that she still has a bit of life in  her,” said Dench, 77, last week in a New York hotel. “So she’s prepared to take  a chance.” The role in the dramatic comedy attracted Dench because it actually  provided her, not just her character, a chance.

“If you play one kind of a part, what happens is you get scripts rather  similar to that part,” she said. “What you long for, of course, is a script  which isn’t remotely like the last thing you’ve done. That’s what I would like  to do next. Something that isn’t in my ken.”

In “Marigold,” she not only gets to play a quietly independent yet charming  woman, but she also manages to fit in some adventure. There’s a wonderful scene  of her and Bill Nighy tearing through  the bustling streets of Jaipur on a small motorbike.

“That was most nerve-racking,” she said with a laugh. “On the back of that  motorbike, sitting sidesaddle, without a helmet on, being driven by Bill, who  was holding on with three fingers and waving with the other hand.”

There was also the adventure of just being in India, a place she had never  visited.

“My character says it’s an assault on the senses,” she recalled. “I’d never  even had a desire to go to India. But within 24 hours I was completely  fascinated and bewitched by the country. The beauty of the people was  outstanding. The color, the noise, the smell – everything about it is completely  staggering. And I can’t wait to go back there. I could retire in India. I’d be  off there tomorrow and put my feet up the chimney.”

Read more: Judi Dench checks into ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ – Quincy, MA – Wicked Local Quincy http://www.patriotledger.com/topstories/x1942598807/Judi-Dench-takes-a-chance#ixzz1teOeULr2