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James Bond Champagne Bollinger R.D. 1997 Secret agent 007

29 Jul

Champagne Bollinger R.D. 1997 for Bond 23 SKYFALL

This year 2012, James Bond again has a very special mission. In the heart of the British capital, James Bond, personified by the iconic Daniel Craig, has been given the task of opening the Olympic Games, to be held from 27 July to 12 August.

For the occasion, Daniel Craig stars in the short film entitled The Arrival, directed by Danny Boyle, who is also the man in charge of the opening ceremony.

The famous secret British agent can be seen entering Buckingham Palace to receive the orders for his mission before being parachuted from a helicopter to land in the middle of the Olympic stadium.

A spectacular prelude to the new film in the Bond series, Skyfall, due to come out this November. Look carefully, the most British of champagnes may well have a surprise in store for you!

Published: July 28, 2012