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Daniel Craig in Oslo Bond 25

28 Mar

Dagbladet met Thursday actor Daniel Craig in Oslo where he spends the evening at the nightclub Lorry.

He tells Dagbladet that he arrived at the city today and that he is here to check out the kit for the new Bond movie. . He says this is the first time he is in Norway, but he has not been able to see the city.

– I arrived early and went straight to the set, he says.

– Must train

He tells Dagbladet that it has been a busy week.

– I’ll try to train.

Craig you can say anything about the movie


1; I can, but do not want to, he says tricked.Craig says he will have a quiet evening in Oslo before the recording begins. He will be in Norway a few days.

– I’ll spend time training here. There is a lot of damage in the industry and it is important to stay in shape and be careful, he says.

Movie recording

Monday of the week, a flight ban was set within a radius of five kilometers around Langvann, writes Romerikes Blad

A couple of kilometers further in is the recording of the 25th James Bond movie already in progress . The annual film ”Bond 25” has received SEK 47 million from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) through the incentive program for film.

Document that Romerikes Blad has access to, confirms that Langvann is one of the places where the Bond recording will take place. One of the scenes has been called ”the girl is running on snow and ice water” and in the further description it says that a child shoots an intruder, is hunted by another intruder and runs over an ice water.

Even at Lutvann, a rented scale with orange Pro Sec is located and controls the car traffic inwards towards the area. The newspaper has been informed that a recording is made for a movie.

The James Bond speculation began with the fact that many took up the building of a cottage outside on a bog near Langvann on the border between Oslo and Nittedal. More activity in the area than usual attracted attention, and in addition, Hakadal’s inhabitants should have met pristine workers in the forest.

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