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James Bond fans can smell like James Bond 007 thanks to new fragrance

31 Jul

Besides ‘license to kill’ James Bond has his disarming fragrance starting from 2012. Eon Productions, in charge of all James Bond movies and Procter & Gamble Co. are launching a new, aromatic-fougere fragrance that brings us back to the 60es. The new fragrance James Bond 007also celebrates 50 years of James Bond film franchise and announces 23rd Bond movie ”Skyfall” expected in cinemas in November 2012!

James Bond 007, masculine fragrance of the famous hero will be in sale next month, exclusively at Harrods. Its retro, aromatic-fougere composition is created of notes of fresh apples, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, lavender, coumarin and moss. This accentuated combination of aroma of ferns and moss gives a unique seal to the new men’s edition. James Bond 007 was created in cooperation of Eon Productions and perfumers of the house of Givaudan!

The bottle is dark green and robust, created of glass, has coarse mesh structure that resembles on car series James Bond. Silver ring-shaped stopper was inspired by a number of British spy gadgets and the engraved logo 007 is emphasized with a smooth satin ribbon that decorates the center of the bottle. The fragrance is available as 30, 50, 75 and 125ml EDT.

The fragrance does not represent any of the actors chosen for the role of the popular agent, but is constructed more like a conceptual presentation of Bond’s world. Advertising campaign was designed by Greg Williams who created the campaigns for the five previous Bond films. The campaign will announce the new movie Skyfall to all media starting this autumn

James Bond fans can smell like James Bond 007 thanks to new fragrance

James Bond Champagne Bollinger R.D. 1997 Secret agent 007

29 Jul

Champagne Bollinger R.D. 1997 for Bond 23 SKYFALL

This year 2012, James Bond again has a very special mission. In the heart of the British capital, James Bond, personified by the iconic Daniel Craig, has been given the task of opening the Olympic Games, to be held from 27 July to 12 August.

For the occasion, Daniel Craig stars in the short film entitled The Arrival, directed by Danny Boyle, who is also the man in charge of the opening ceremony.

The famous secret British agent can be seen entering Buckingham Palace to receive the orders for his mission before being parachuted from a helicopter to land in the middle of the Olympic stadium.

A spectacular prelude to the new film in the Bond series, Skyfall, due to come out this November. Look carefully, the most British of champagnes may well have a surprise in store for you!

Published: July 28, 2012

Bondfim TV4 ikväll 28 juli kl.21:25 ”You Only Live Twice”

28 Jul

You Only Live Twice
Working from a remote volcano lair, arch enemy
Ernst Stavro Blofeld is capturing US and Soviet manned capsules in outer space.
With the Americans and Soviets blaming each other for the incidents, Bond
travels to Japan to lead a ninja army and destroy Blofeld before WWIII erupts

Barack Obama James Bond-car looks like something out of a James Bond film.

26 Jul

It looks like something out of a James Bond film.

But the presidential seal on the side marks this hulking limo out as something not even the superspy will be able to get his hands on.

These are the first pictures of the new armoured limousine which will be used to ferry Barack Obama around.

Nicknamed ”The Beast”, the Cadillac will make its debut on 20 January, as part of the inaugural parade.

It is traditional to show presidential cars off for the first time in this way.

‘State of the art’

The Secret Service said the 2009 limo would provide it with a ”valuable asset” in providing its occupant with the highest level of protection.

As expected, they are not giving too much away about the car, but Nicholas Trotta, their Assistant Director for the Office of Protective Operations is quoted in their news release:

”Although many of the vehicle’s security enhancements cannot be discussed, it is safe to say that this car’s security and coded communications systems make it the most technologically advanced protection vehicle in the world.”

Observers say the car is likely to include bullet proof glass, an armoured body, a separate oxygen supply, and a completely sealed interior to protect against a chemical attack.

Corgi lines up new James Bond collectable, James Bond ‘SKYFALL’ Car.

25 Jul

Firm has created a replica model of the Aston Martin DB5 as part of 50th anniversary celebrations.

Corgi is marking the 50th anniversary of the first ever James Bond movie, and the launch of the 23rd film – Skyfall – with a special replica model of the official movie car, the Aston Martin DB5.

The 1:36 scale model will launch in August and will be priced at £15.99. It will incorporate new tooling to match the specification of the Skyfall movie.

The Aston Marton DB5 first appeared in Goldfinger in 1964 and went on to appear in eight other movies. The car recently topped a poll as the most treasured object of the James Bond movie series.

”We are delighted to bring this new offering to fans of the James Bond line,” said Martyn Weaver, marketing manager at Corgi. ”It is a privilege to capture a model with such iconic presence as the Aston Martin DB5, and we are sure that James Bond fans all over the world will enjoy the replica’s authentic qualities.

”By creating this type, we hope to provide fans with their own piece of movie history for them to enjoy for years to come.”

James Bond Skyfall Scalextric races are back again. Celebrating 50 Years of 007

25 Jul

Celebrating 50 Years of 007

James Bond’s loyalty to M is challenged over secrets from her past. When MI6 is attacked, it falls to Bond to seek out and eliminate the threat regardless of the cost to him. Re-enact scenes from the story on track or make up your own exciting chase scenes using the chicane and bridge that form part of the extended figure-of-eight road layout for endless dare-devil manoeuvres with the two James Bond cars. The layout can be set up in five alternative layout shapes. Two hand controllers and power supply included.


  • Super Resistant
  • Easy Change Pick-Ups
  • Magnatraction™ System

Skyfall © 2012 Danjaq, United Artists, CPII. 007 Logo © Danjaq and United Artists. TM Danjaq.

  • Space Required: 120cm x 68cm
  • Track Length: 370cm

James Bond to Sportbilsdagen in Gränsö Slott Västervik Sweden for exhibition 19 augusti.

23 Jul
Aston Martin klubben och James Bond kommer till Västervik 19 augusti på Sportbilsdagen

Aston Martin klubben och James Bond kommer till Västervik 19 augusti på Sportbilsdagen

Aston Martin klubben och James Bond kommer till Gränssö Slott Västervik 19 augusti på Sportbilsdagen.

James Bond 50 years we celebrate this with a exhibition with Aston Martin cars and Mr James Bond from Sweden

Aston Martin DB5

Bond…James Bond or Gunnar Schäfer

20 Jul

Bond…James Bond Gunnar Schäfer startar världens första James Bond 007 mueum i Nybro Sweden 2003

Gunnar – med rätt att ställa ut – Kommunalarbetaren

20 Jul

Gunnar – med rätt att ställa ut – Kommunalarbetaren.

Cartamundi plays the “Bond” card again in SKYFALL 2012

20 Jul

Cartamundi plays the “Bond” card again in SKYFALL 2012

Belgian playing cards manufacturer is exclusive supplier of the official Skyfall playing cards and chips!

Cartamundi, the worldwide market leader in the manufacture and sale of playing cards, will feature as the exclusive supplier of playing cards and poker chips used in the twenty third James Bond instalment SKYFALL.

In SKYFALL, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Cartamundi has had a successful James Bond licence for 10 years and also supplied the cards and poker chips for the Bond film CASINO ROYALE. Chief Sales Coördinator, Bert Van Pelt, explains “We are proud that as a Belgian company, Cartamundi is able to contribute to the success of the world-famous Bond films. We hope the publicity generated by the new James Bond film will raise the profile of both Cartamundi, and the playing card game in general. Poker is still a hype throughout the world, so we are convinced that this trend can only be stimulated further by the new Bond film SKYFALL.

Cartamundi will launch an exclusive range of SKYFALL playing cards and poker sets onto the market in September. More information on this new range will follow shortly.

In this 50th anniversary year of the James bond movies, Cartamundi has already launched a collection of very nice anniversary card products



Cartamundi plays the “Bond” card again in SKYFALL 2012